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what's in the box

Congratulations on deciding that you deserve a lie-in and for getting a Chickenguard. Normally, the next question is, “What do I need?” so scroll down to view some more info & what comes in the box

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  • If you want to use your existing door, just buy the model of your choice.
  • If you need a Door Kit to go with your Opening Unit, then buy one of our Combi Packs.
  • The units come with around 1 metre of string but if you feel you might need some more, then just pop a note on your order and we’ll pass this on to our production team who will meet your needs.

We all know how frustrating it is when your favourite new toy has that irritating message: ‘Batteries not Included’, which is why

  • 4 x AA batteries and 4 x mounting screws are INCLUDED!

The Chickenguard© unit is an all-in-one solution that comes complete with string and batteries. Just fix your unit to the coop, tie the cord on to your existing door, set the timer and away you go – literally, to do whatever else you want to do!

If you need one, the Door Kit is available separately from our shop.

If you need any accessories, such as a pulley system, to place your unit anywhere other than directly above your coop door, then you can also purchase these from our shop.

Please click here to see examples of a pulley set-up.

It really is as simple as that. Now you can enjoy your morning lie in or your evening out, knowing that your hens will be safely shut in or let out by your ChickenGuard© unit.

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